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Re: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: Re: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge
From: mike jackson <>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 17:00:26 -0800
Thanks for the vote of confidence but I've raced Munoz heads up, it
wasnt close.  And I ran times that were excellent for me at Mid-Ohio. 
And it's my favorite track of all time (so far).

Glen's Spit is pretty far into flared fenders, lots of fibreglass and
skirting.  SVRA has turned away many that are closer to legal.  Now Kent
Bain....hadn't thought of that! That could work.

A joint gathering with a keg of Old Speckled Hen would be pretty cool. 
We'll have to engage Harkness to sweet talk the local importer into
getting us some. 

Russ Moore wrote:
> Mike could certainly even things up. How far removed is Glen Effinger's
> Spitfire from "vintage"? Of course we have a secret weapon too, being
> hidden in group 1. A Spitfire that may well take the breath away from those
> MGBs. Kent Bain can turn up the heat for them on command!
> Sounds like a great time. It's only appropriate we have a joint gathering
> with proper British Ale at which to antagonize eachother. Anyone in favor?
> Need also to get John Harkness back in his TR-3 for this event and maybe
> get some of the southern folks up with their TR's. Jack can reassure them
> they won't get frostbite!  There is this Spitfire in Texas too, that could
> use this as it's debut to the northern circuit. How about it Susan?
> In all, this could be the start of a great rivalry and would allow Beady
> Eye Bill to redefine the term "Moon over Paradise".
> Russ Moore

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