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RE: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge

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Subject: RE: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge
From: Chip Bond <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 19:06:08 -0500
The best marketing phrases PR people at SCCA can develop is "Speed Freakz" 
and "Old Fartz"".

The most recent competitive adjustment to TR's in SCCA E Production is a 
20# weight addition.

The stsndard "canned" response to safety requests is "not in the spirit of 
club racing"

The standard "canned" response" to lack of avaliable parts is "suitable 
parts are available".

The winner of EP this year had nearly a FOUR second better lap time than 
any (four cylinder) TR has ever turned on that track.

The winner of EP this year is a "LIFE" member of the comp Board and has 
support from corporate Mazda.

I venture, there is not (nor can there be) a "competitive" TR in SCCA 
national racing.



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Subject:        Re: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge


Any car that is currently competitive on the national level in SCCA,
would seem inappropriate to me for the MG/TR Challenge.  Sure, would
love to see it on display, or used as a pace car, or even for lunchtime
demonstration laps.  But I'm opposed to having these in the Challenge
race (not just because it's a TR ... we have some currently competitive
MG's in SCCA, too).


>>In a message dated 98-10-28 08:31:43 EST, writes:
>><< sorry but I don't know
>> Sam. I wonder , if in fact there is to be a MG vs TR feature race, if
>> perhaps these cars could enter if they weren't too radical?
>His Tr-6 is *rather* radical; he took the third place trophy in E-Prod
>at the Runoffs last year.  The car is seriously fast!
>John Lye

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