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Re: TR compression vs. HP

To: Bob Kramer <>
Subject: Re: TR compression vs. HP
From: Ted Schumacher <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 12:24:09 -0400
bob, sounds a bit optimistic but the compression gain is certainly a plus.
the other thing is what do you do with the compression. if the head/cam/carb
are ot capable of using this increase then you might as well not do it.
also, are the pistons able to withstand the increase. we jsut did 3 sets of
je forged for customers. you can go to 12:1 with stock cast pistons, but not
for long. ted

Bob Kramer wrote:

> FOT,
> I know that some of the more seasoned and/or engineering types out there
> know the answer to this question. My machinist claims that an increase in
> compression from 10.5 to 1 to 12.5 to 1 will produce serious HP gains,
> something like 40 to 50%. Is that true?
> Bob Kramer
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