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Subject: Re: "MURIATIC ACID"
From: BillDentin@AOL.COM
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:53:32 EDT

I have extensive experience with MURIATIC acid, however none of it is 

I have been involved in the masonry business for over forty years, and in 
particular early on, a MURIATIC acid solution was the solvent of choice for 
cleaning down finished brickwork.  When the bricklayers are done with a wall, 
they scrape the mortar snots off with their trowel, or a brick batt.  But 
then in order to remove mortar smears, they had to use an acid based 
solution.  The correct mixture is one part MURIATIC acid and nine parts 
water.  When properly used, this will remove mortar smears, and provide a 
clean, finished brick wall.

MURIATIC acid is seldom allowed on jobs today, because amateurs misused it.  
They would use 50-60%, or even 100% acid solutions.  These solutions caused 
serious aging to the mortar joint, and would turn light colored brick 
'green.'  Manys the wall that was ruined.  I suspect that today's solutions 
are still MURIATIC acid based, but diluted at the plants, to prevent misuse.

I could relate PAGES and PAGES of horror stories.  Personal injuries that 
were not pretty.  MURIATIC acid is not for amateurs!

Bill Dentinger

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