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Subject: Re: A Show of hands...
From: JFrymark@AOL.COM
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:46:45 EDT
I converted my 4A IRS to 240Z stub axles last year after having the stock 
unit fail "at speed" at Willow Springs. (The ensuing tricycle ride through 
the desert could be a story for another time.) Armed with the "theory" of the 
conversion on Mordy's car, I located a talented machinist that helped me 
noodle it out. Here's what we did:
    Fabricated an "extension" that was press fit to the inside of TR hub to 
accommodate the location of the Datsun inner bearings.
    Machined the hub and extension to accept the Datsun bearings. I ended up 
using sealed bearings (Datsun outer, I think) throughout and eliminated the 
inner dust shield. The bearings used were SKF RLS 10-2RS1.
    Bored the TR halfshaft outer U-joint to take the 240Z crosses. They are a 
larger diameter and available as "high performance" sealed units (The 
Driveline Co. #1-0029BF from Pep Boys).
    Shortened the TR halfshaft by removing 1" on the male and 1 3/16" on the 
female and rethreading for the retaining caps. (This removes about 1/2 of the 
splined length that looks a little scary, but I've had no problems and even 
moved to 4.1 rear end to get more grunt.)
    I kept the Datsun metric studs and used the Datsun drums shaving the 
inner edge a smidge for clearance with the TR backing plate.

I've had the unit in the car this year with no problems at all. The Datsun 
stub axle is a much stouter unit and I don't want to relive that failure 
again! I wished I'd gotten precise dimensions when we did this to relay in 
detail, but I wanted to get the car together asap. With the Datsun stub axle 
in hand though, you can determine the dimensions required for the ball races 
and the necessary hub extension.

John Frymark  (VARA EP #67)

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