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RE: Reciprocating mass

To: "'Paul Richardson'" <>
Subject: RE: Reciprocating mass
From: Jack Wheeler <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 07:08:09 -0500
Paul, Last night I weighed a TR-3/4 connecting rod with caps and bolts, 
86MM piston with rings, gudgeon pin and snap rings.  The total weight of 
all of this is 1,658.7 grams.  I just grabbed a rod at random out of the 
box.  I know from experience that Triumph used different forgings (?) 
through the years, and as a result, there was some variation in the weight 
of the rods.  (When I selected a set to use for the race car, I would try 
to find a light set.)  Therefore, the above figure should be viewed as an 

Could you help me out with a British translation.  Where does the term 
'Gudgeon' pin come from (we call it a wrist pin)?  When I first read the 
section of the workshop manual which described the process called 'Reaming 
the Gudgeon pin bush'  I thought I was reading an 'X' rated novel!

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Sent:   Saturday, October 23, 1999 5:24 AM
Subject:        Reciprocating mass

Hi Guys

Do any of you racers out there have a standard TR3 2.138cc piston with
rings, gudgeon pin, con rod with big end cap and the respective big end
bearings and bolts? There's no panic but if you have the said items lurking
around in a workshop, I wonder if you could put them on the wife's kitchen
scales and weigh them for me (make sure you put a plastic bag on the scales
or you'll get a bollocking like I've just had from Julia for contaminating
kitchen equipment with motor parts etc).

I want to compare the weight with that of an identically complete twin cam
piston and con rod assembly I have from a 1961 Le Mans 'team prize' engine.
I've just carefully scraped the carbon off the piston prior to polishing
and mounting it.- Come to think of it, I think I'll nip down to the shed
and collect that carbon off the bench it must be as rare as rocking horse
****. - can anyone make a rough guess as to what the twin cam assembly

Have a good W.E.


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