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Re: quotation addition

Subject: Re: quotation addition
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Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 05:45:41 PDT
>From: "Paul Richardson" <>
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>Subject: quotation addition
>Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 08:56:38 +0100
>Roger Beasley wrote
> > I believe it was John Cleese (or one of the Monty Python group) who said
> > America and England, "Two great countries separated by a common
>Hi Roger - Spike Milligan (one of the goons) also said  "English is a great
>language which has been badly translated by the Welsh, the Scots and the
>Spike once mounted 20 pound notes inside separate glass fronted picture
>frames with expensive guilt edges and posted them round the world to
>various Presidents, Kings and Queens and the Pope. Under the pound note in
>each frame was a beautifully hand written note which read, "IN CASE OF
>Spike's latest 'off the cuff' remark was made on TV last week. He was
>involved in an interview with Harry Secome (another member of the original
>goon show team). Harry, bless his heart, is getting over a bad stroke,
>which was what the TV programme was about. Harry made the mistake of asking
>Spike, "Well do I look any better mate? Spike replied, "You look bloody
>marvelous to me, cos' I thought you'd been dead for the last five years."

    Thank's for the update on Spike... I had heard he had been sick
    and since then, nothing. I had feared the worst.

    He and the Goons have been favorites of mine for years... Goon
    Show recordings are pretty scarce over here and it's a shame too.
    What talent! What lunacy! What a treasure!

    BTW, a bit on Mr. Cleese... He turned 60 yesterday I hear.


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