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RE: figure 8 gaskets

To: "'ALAN N. TAYLOR'" <>,
Subject: RE: figure 8 gaskets
From: Jack Wheeler <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 06:56:41 -0500

At 07:28 AM 10/27/99 -0600, Mordy Dunst wrote:
>fellow TR tractor types::
>I can make individual copper / brass / SS  shim "O" rings.  Assuming that
>the deck is flat and the liner's pedestal and top are flat and true -I 
>see why individual O rings of assorted thickness can't be used to ensure
>equal cylinder liner deck height elevation.
>Any comments?
>Part of the problem that I have found is that the liner will be  .002/.003
different side to side / front to back , so a shim will not be effective.
And decking the block with liners in place is difficult as they tend to
'rock' as the stone goes by. Just something else to worry about...Alan T
[Jack Wheeler]
You are right about the liners wanting to move when they are milled in the 
block.  At the time I did this, I had an excellent machinist who was able 
to accomplish this task.  While this set-up worked fine for a while, the 
problem came the first time I had to change the liners (i.e. the new liners 
were too tall for the block).  I eventually ended up pitching the block 
which had been milled and went back to stock blocks.  I had parted out 
enough engines that I could always find a block with a good top surface, 
and enough good used liners which I had bored out.

By the way, I now have the boring machine and fixtures that my machinist 
used to use to bore liners.  As soon as I get it set up and figure out how 
to use it, I will be able to bore TR-2/3/4 liners individually.
When having liners bored, I would always clean a set up first and fit them 
to the block I was going to use, just to make sure they would 'stand proud' 
of the block sufficiently, before investing the money to have them bored. 

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