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Spotted Dick

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Subject: Spotted Dick
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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 08:49:21 +0100
Hi Gang

I think I know why my old colleague John Macartney brought up 'Spotted

We both worked at the London Standard Triumph Service department in the
sixties. A wonderful man called A.G.'Jock' Brown was the London sales and
service Manager. He always insisted that staff who were to work in the
Berkeley Square showroom spent several months at the service department on
Western Avenue - so he could instill his training.

Jock (who out of shear respect we always called Mr. Brown) was a Scot and
was always immaculate. He wore a red rose in his lapel and was a stickler
for discipline and would stand no nonsense. He was also very moral man and
knew our parents well. He thought it one of his duties to keep tabs on our
social life.

Jock would sometimes invite us individually to lunch with him in the staff
canteen to either give us a bollocking about something or to offer advise.
One day at the end of lunch spotted dick was served as desert (it's always
been a favorite of mine). 
I remember saying to Jock "that spotted dick was superb." Jock replied,
with that steely glare of his. "There's two kinds of spotted dick 'laddie'
(he always called anyone under 80 years of age 'laddie'). There's the
sought you eat with custard and the sought you catch in Soho." 


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