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Re: figure 8 gaskets

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Subject: Re: figure 8 gaskets
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Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 22:10:50 -0700
I have found that the OE copper figure 8 gaskets do not compress one bit.
The old ones that we have removed from engines are the same thickness as the
new ones that come with new sets of AE powermax pistons and liners.  They
all measure .018" thick.  The steel gaskets measure .002" thinner and not
only do they have a tendency to corrrode, they don't lift the liners up high
enough so they don't have the necessary projection and the engine will blow
head gaskets.  We used to have a lot of problems with high compression race
engine when there was .002" difference in liner projection in any two
adjacent cylinders or if a cylinder maesured higher on one side than on the
other.  We now glue a piece of copper wire that is .012" thick into one of
the groves of the steel racing gasket with contact cement before we iinstall
the head gasket and use silicone sealer sparingly around the coolant
passages.  Since we ahve been using this proceedure,  head gasket problems
have totally disappeared!  We torque the head bolts to 95# with permatex
"never sieze " onthe threads and then retoque the head hot as soon as it is
warmed up.  It never needs to be tightened again.
It is a sure fix.  It even will seal a head that is a lightly wavey or weak.
In an emergency we have glued wire onto both sides of the gasket.  With a
steel gasket, we have found that .012 " is the ideal thickness, thicker will
have a tendency to allow water to leak out the sides of the head gasket and
up the head studs, thinner won't seal as well.

Regards, Greg Solow

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Subject: Re: figure 8 gaskets

> I'm not sure how much a hard piece of copper will compress down to when it
> is squeezed by the liner.  I would guess that it may not... I would guess
> the liner sidewalls would buckle first..
> I could test it a steel jig and place a liner into it and
> it with four 1/2" studs to similar torque (105 lbs)  then remeasure the
> height while compressed...  Has anyone done this already??
> Do the same thing with various metal shims and without to see
> I would bet that SS would NOT compress at all.  In order to ensure that
> installed liner height is proper I would think that a deck plate (old
head )
> be used to clamp that liner down -then removed and liner height remeasured
> ....  What is unclear is- if the liner actually buckles while loaded -then
> springs up when the load is removed and if this plays a role (if any..).
> I know that when I build my engine -I use a torque plate to load the
> liner...
> 1) Ought liners be matched for waist thickness?
> 2) Can liners of different manufacture be used in a "mix and match" style?
> Maybe for a tractor engine in a high performance tractor engine?.... .
> Mordy
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> >
> > << I think you've got the wrong impression, Bill.  I would make these
> figure 8
> >  gaskets of various thickness -not to stack but to use as individual
> units.
> >   >>
> >
> >
> > Mordy:
> >
> > I just discussed this with Kevin Potter, who builds our engines, and he
> said
> > I don't know what the hell I am talking about.  He actually said it much
> > nicer, but that has more to do with our employer/employee relationship,
> than
> > may lack of knowledge.
> >
> > He said having figure eight gaskets manufactured to a particular
> > could have solved our 'stacking' problem last spring.  He said he wished
> he
> > would have thought of it.
> >
> > He also said he wondered if steel would not be superior to copper
> > (compression)?
> >
> > He also wondered if there was another reason for not 'doing it.'
> >
> > Shows you what I know!
> >
> > Bill Dentinger
> >

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