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Re: Yikes, now what?

To: "Bob Lang" <>
Subject: Re: Yikes, now what?
From: "jaboruch" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 17:41:39 -0500
This car was just sold at the Lime Rock fall festival in September.
It was there in photos only and it sold with a trailer for about
$4200.  The car was bought by the MGB driver that crashed into me this
year.  Storm Field, a weather man in NYC was supposed to be driving it
next year in the Volvo Series, but those plans must be tentative.  The
car has not been on a track in almost 30 years, and from what I
understood the engine has been together for that long also.  I have
the photo and add from LRP and it says that it was last driven by Gil
Reid.  Apparently the car is nice, but needed some updating and all
the rubber parts needed to be renewed.  I had thought about buying it
at LRP but my wife was not too conducive to it.  Joe(B)

> Now, the real reason for my post - on the same e-Bay
> web site is a TR4 race car. The car is semi-local to me, being
located in
> Hartford, CT. But I've seen ads for this car before, notably at the
> Rock vintage event probably two years ago. Actually, I've never seen
> car, only flyers.
> My question to the FOT masses - has anyone ever seen this car run??
> had DP class designation, so I presume it's not raced in some
> Set your browsers to:
> rml
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