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Re: Yikes, now what?

To: Mike Jackson <>
Subject: Re: Yikes, now what?
From: Henry Frye <>
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 19:35:47 -0500
The car is supposedly in New Haven, about one hour's drive for me. I can 
take a look for any serious contenders as well...

At 11:09 AM 11/7/00 -0500, Mike Jackson wrote:
>I dont know this TR4 race car, but I do have a good friends and TR racers that
>lives in Hartford now.   She has run her vintage TR4 at a few races this past
>summer.  I'll ask if they saw the car.  If anyone needs to have a set of 
>local eyes
>review the car, they would probably help out for someone that is truly 
>mike jackson
>Bob Lang wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Now, the real reason for my post - on the same e-Bay Triumphs-for-sale
> > web site is a TR4 race car. The car is semi-local to me, being located in
> > Hartford, CT. But I've seen ads for this car before, notably at the Lime
> > Rock vintage event probably two years ago. Actually, I've never seen the
> > car, only flyers.
> >
> > My question to the FOT masses - has anyone ever seen this car run?? It
> > had DP class designation, so I presume it's not raced in some time...

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