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Yikes, now what?

Subject: Yikes, now what?
From: Mark J Bradakis <>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 00:23:45 -0700 (MST)
Warning:  This may end up being one of those somewhat pointless ramblings
vaguely related to Triumphs.  It has been a bit strange around the Fat
Chance Garage lately.  But the weather is holding true to form, with winter
sending in a few early recon storms, checking up on how both tha ants and
the grasshoppers prepared for the coming months.

Me, grasshopper that I am, actually drove nearly all my running Triumphs in
the last couple of days, in a hasty effort to prepare for the coming winter.
I will admit that the extent of driving the red race car was out of the shop,
onto the trailer and then off the trailer into a storage unit.  Then winching
the '74 TR6 onto the trailer, over to the shop, fussing a bit then driving it
off the trailer into the shop.  Hardly qualifies as real driving, especialy
compared with tooling around town in the snow flurries today, one hand on the
steering wheel, the other rubbing the inside of the Mark 1 windscreen in the
nearly fruitless task of visually identifying incoming SUVs and avoiding
construction potholes.  I really should get that hardtop on the car and
upgrade what passes for a demister fan.

But it is the '74 TR6 that prompts this message.  Roughly 24 hours ago, I
whipped up a quick web page with a few photos, and submitted the car for bids
on ebay.  Take a peek at if you feel
so inclined.  So I check out bid progress before I head to the shop to put the
other two snow tires on Karen's Honda.  Zero activity.  Nothing.  A few tire
kickers, according to the access logs for the web page, sort of what I had

I spent a fair bit of time just sort of looking at it while down there
tonight, thinking of how I did actually enjoy the big Triumphs I've run during
the last decade or two.  Thinking of racing a car with some power, on track or
just through the parking lots.  Thinking of that triple DCOE setup on the back
shelf, and so on.  In truth, I had come real close to tacking on a bit about
how I'd consider a GT-6 Mark 3 project as partial trade for the TR, as I still
have a desire to do an F Prepared autocrosser.  Then again, I do still have
the '69 TR6 I started to refurbish during the summer of '87.  So many cars...

Anyway, come back home, check the auction, and what do you know, folks are
bidding on it!  Gee, I might have to actually sell it, free up some space and
even make a few bucks on it.  Gosh, I'm not familiar with THAT part of the
Triumph game!


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