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Subject: RE: Ballistic Blankets
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Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 19:52:44 -0500
While wandering around in a local NASCAR shop the other day, I noticed that
the rounders have their own version of a blast shield similar to what was
being discussed a while back.  A  layer of ~1/8" thick reinforced rubber
mat, (sometimes two) was fitted to the inner surface of the tranny tunnel.
It looked like some type of conveyor belting and was pop riveted to the
metal tunnel.  Of course the tunnel isn't removable on these cars but I
think the effect would be the same on a TR.  The mat extended from the
firewall back into the tunnel about 24".  (I don't remember this being on
any of the cars last year.)

By the way I didn't see any added protection from "bouncing" debris.  I
don't want to rekindle this old thread but the fact that this shop builds
the chassis for 70-80% of the big boys in NASCAR tells me they might be on
to something.

Dave Brackin

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Subject: Will Mordy's Ballistic Blankets fit TR3 ???


    While I see tremendous safety benefit in having this on a racecar, I do
not want to order it if it will not fit on my TR3A since it is
non-refundable. Do any of you foresee a problem with the ballistic blanket
setup for a TR4 being readily used on a TR3A ?

    Thanks in Advance, Cary

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