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Re: Member generosity

To: Brad Kahler <>,
Subject: Re: Member generosity
From: Susan Hensley <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 21:16:22 -0600
I need to add one comment to this -- we may need some area listers to come along
when we eventually do pick it up, just so we can wrest it out of Henry's hands!
Seems he's taken a real shine to it...

Keep Triumphing,
Susan   :)

PS -- There is a Weber setup (4x40 IDF's) for the Rover V-8 on eBay, if anyone
is interested...  Go to:

Brad Kahler wrote:

> Amici,
> I'd like to publicly thank the members of this list for their support during
> the last few weeks while Susan and I were trying to work out a deal
> on the Devin.  Many of you provided thoughts and suggestions on
> what the car might be worth and what to look for...

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