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Re: Rover V8 Devin

Subject: Re: Rover V8 Devin
From: "R. John Lye" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 19:22:01 -0500
At 10:24 AM 11/30/00 -0500, wrote:
>  Apparently VARA allows him to run this particular car. Does anyone know
>whether the V8 Buick conversion was run competitively before 1972? I have 
>seen one Devin with other V8 which was claimed to have been raced prior to
>1972. I recall that it was a corvette block, but I do not trust my memory any

The Devin SS used a Chevy block and was definitely raced long
before 1972.  They are pretty rare and rather expensive now.


R. John Lye

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