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Suspension Thoughts

To: "Bill Babcock" <>
Subject: Suspension Thoughts
From: "David Wingett" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 19:52:07 -0500
    Do I remember you saying that you have the new 3D susp. program?  I have
been giving it some serious thought myself.  Will it do the things you
    I also use Aurora rod ends instead of bushings on the upper "A" arms.
Great for adjusting camber & caster.
    Concerning the front trunnion.   I have a set of uprights in the shop now
having them checked out.  My thought is this.  Don't use the trunnion!!  I can
turn the threaded bottom down to  3/4" and thread it for a 3/4 x16 crown nut.
Now we can make lower arms with Aurora rod endsin place of the trunnion.
Hoerr Racing, Coleman, Howe, Port City...There are a lot of shops that can
build safe lower "A" arm to any length needed.   That's the trick, having the
program to do the geometry.
    Your thoughts?
        David Wingett

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