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Lap times

Subject: Lap times
From: "SHANE Ingate" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 15:23:22 -0500

While we mope around the garage with warmed cider/eggnogg in hand, wishing 
for race season to return, I'm hoping that someone can dig up track lap 
times from the old Group 44/Kastner-Brophy teams. Preferably, I'd like to 
see the TR6 times, but that's because I am TR6entric.

Maybe someone has already done, this, but I think it is a fun excercise to 
compare the lap times of the old race cars (stripped, obscene power/weight, 
vintage race rubber and legendary drivers) with modern-day production sports 
cars (porky, computer-controlled FI & brakes & suspension, terrific rubber 
and magazine hacks with inflated egos and copy to sell).

Was Tullius' TR6 faster than a Z06 around Sebring?  Was Devendorf's GT6 
faster than a 350Z around Willow Springs?

So if someone can provide a reference to where these times may be published 
(or even has the original slips...hint, hint), I'd be delighted to attempt 
the research and write up what I find here.

I guess you can tell I've finished my holiday shopping and wrapping, and 
have time on my hands.


Shane Ingate in Maryland

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