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Re: Tow vehicle operating temp

Subject: Re: Tow vehicle operating temp
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 08:57:52 EDT
My Ford F350 (460) and Suburban (454) run much warmer when they are towing, 
expecially in hilly areas. I have found that simply being more conservative on 
the throttle at the end of a hill climb makes a significant different in 
temperatures on moderate to steep grades. Both F350 and Subturban have factory 
packages, not sure what that included, but they do have a transmission fluid 

In a message dated 6/24/2004 12:58:47 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
The fuel injected 460 did run hotter, but not sure of specs anymore.

My 454 engine seems to run there when towing in the hills and I was wondering 
the same thing.

I am also concerned about electrical gages.


> My little 1994 motor home has a Ford 460 fuel injected engine and I
> recently had mechanical oil pressure and temperature gauges installed to
> combat flaky electric gauges.  Can anyone tell me what the normal
> operating temperature ought to be for that engine?  On the way back from
> VIR on the interstate in 95 degree heat it was showing around 235 on the
> gauge at 65 mph.  If the normal operating range is from 200 to 250 then
> I'm OK.  OTOH, if it's from 180 to 220 I have a problem.  Any help is
> appreciated.  Don

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