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Re: TR4 puzzler - oil system

To: "Joe Boruch" <>, <>
Subject: Re: TR4 puzzler - oil system
From: "Greg Solow" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 18:54:04 -0700
This explanation makes a lot of sense. I have always seen #2 rod bearing
fail first if there is a rod bearing failure due to lack of  oil delivery.

Greg Solow
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Subject: Re: TR4 puzzler - oil system

> Maybe it is that the first bearings to be starved of oil are the # 2s,
since they are closest to the pump.  If the pump sucks and pumps air, it
would show up at the closest bearings.  Joe(B)
> -- "Jack W. Drews" <> wrote:
> It seems that when the crank fails, it does so through fatigue, at the
> undercut radius at the rear main. This I understand.
> It seems that when a rod fails, it is mostly #2 and / or #3.
> What puzzles me about this is that I would think it would be #1, but that
> seldom happens. Why would I think this?
> The oil from the pump / filter is piped to the main gallery immediately
> behind the distributor bushing. The bushing bore and the main gallery
> intersect, and the oil pump drive shaft bushing partly blocks the flow to
> main #1. I would think that #1 would have the least flow.
> I guess there are some things we mere mortals just aren't meant to
> uncle jack
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