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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 08:46:07 -0500
<< Scott Barr -- Spitfire wants to run out of fuel on the straights. He'll get 
that fixed, though. >>

Yes, dangit, beaten by equipment (temporarily).  Lost 4 positions in the 
feature race on Sunday to cars flying by down the front straight.  The toughest 
to take was Kevin Palmer's MGB getting by me by half a car-length at the 
checker.  A "teachable moment" as they say.

Bypassed the pressure regulator -- no good.  Changed the fuel filter -- no joy. 
 Will try a new fuel pump (higher pressure?  possibly two in parallel?) and see 
what that does for me.  Must also get some fuel needle/seat shims so I can try 
adjusting the fuel levels in the bowls.  Maybe check to see how firmly (or 
softly) the fuel bowls are mounted.  All good plans, but Road America is next 
(Midwestern Council, July 9/10) with those absolutely interminable straights....

Other than that, though, the car is working pretty well thanks to the advice 
and direction of this group (and lots of help from both Tom Strange and my dad, 
Jerry).  It goes like a bandit around Blackhawk's twistier bits (turns 1 
through 5).  Once we have the fuel situation straightened out, Spit #49 Blue 
should be looking for that first 1:29 at Blackhawk.

Great fun was had and good showings by all.  Particular congratulations to Tony 
and Dennis on their 1-2 finish in the handicap race!


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Nice weather, good organization from VSCDA (always!) and Midwestern 
Council, interesting event, good racing. Is the following report even 

Wismer - missing in action in Italy.

Brick -- off flying airplanes in competition.

Damdinger -- lame excuse about going to a shipboard wedding that lasted two 
days (no kidding) but he showed up Sunday and cheered everybody up.

Dennis Delap - ran good, faster, came in second in the handicap race.

Scott Barr -- Spitfire wants to run out of fuel on the straights. He'll get 
that fixed, though.

Korey -- ran great, finally passed that pesky Volvo that was slow in the 
corners and fast on the straights - you know the kind.

John Hornboestel early gremlins that he cleared up later, got eighth.

Allen Washatko TR6 - mechanical problems.

Joe Alexander -- another Alexander saga. His transmission quit shifting in 
the middle of a session. He got it into third and continued to lap. 
Astonishingly, he turned the best time of the day on a lap when he had only 
third gear!. Raw talent, don't you think? (slave cylinder problem).

Tony Drews just refused to give Dad a Fathers' day victory gift. Tony and 
Jack ran nose to tail during qualifying with Tony being a tick faster 
(sounds like a broken record, eh?) They started nose-to-tail in both races, 
too, with the feature race finding Tony fifth, Dad sixth, behind a gaggle 
of Lotus 7, Porsche, AH 3000, etc. We were pretty happy.

The last race of the day was a handicap race. Slow cars at the front, fast 
cars at the rear, cars waved on to the track at intervals calculated to put 
all cars across the finish line side-by-side. Just before the race, Tony's 
water pump pulley destroyed itself. Delap donated a spare water pump, Dad 
donated a good pulley and sat out the race, and The blindingly fast Porsche 
and Corvette just couldn't catch the TR's - Tony first, Delap second.

I'll bet the Formula 1 drivers would be green with envy at all that fun.

By the way, isn't Michelin a French company?

uncle jack 

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