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[FOT] Reality check:

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Subject: [FOT] Reality check:
From: Gasket Works USA <>
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2006 15:22:13 -0500 (CDT)
Regarding all of this...

I sent an EMail and received a reply from Dr. William Wulf.  He is the 
President of the National Academy of Engineering.  

(You can get to the National Academy of Sciences and NAE easily via a google 
search.  For those who know not of this group.. It is likely our nations best 
collection of scientific wisdom. )

The email was to enquire why there isn't a position statement from the NAS/NAE 
regarding the concept of developing a national imperative to become reasonably 
independant of fossil fuels in one decade.

Dr. Wulf aggrees that there should be. Indeed he says that the G8 summit in 
Moscow is going to address this issue in detail.  He comments that hopefully a 
true and durable postition will be announced soon.  Problems they encounter are 
not the scientists but, certain lobbies that have lots of interest against such 

As for me...  
1)I make my own Biodiesel
2)Have ordered and will install 12Kw Photovoltaic system for home this October 
(as soon as I can get the PV cells).


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