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Subject: Re: [Fot] Cutting Aeroquip Hoses..
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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 18:08:36 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
   Looks like some good nuts & bolts readin'.

   Even  though this sytem has worked flawlessly for 18years, and the car
   has never experienced any kind of flames in 40 years, it sure couldn't
   hurt to upgrade.  Even though it will set me back a few $$


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     Hmmm. Sounds like Dave and I are psychically linked even when I'm a
     time zone away. I just posted nearly the same comments.

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   On Mar 15, 2007, at 2:58 PM, David Talbott wrote:

   Be  aware that it sounds like the setup that you have now (in addition
   to being

   ancient)  is  not really what most people think of as "Aeroquip",  but
   rather an

   inexpensive faux Aeroquip that kinda looks like the real stuff, and at
   best it

   may  add  some  chafing  resistance  to  the rubber hose, but not much
   else.  You

   need to get a copy of an Earls Catalog ( ) or

   something similar, and start reading.  I suggest Earls only because of

   Smith's relationship with them, which brings up the related subject of

   desirability  of  getting  a copy of Smiths'  Nuts,Bolts,Fasteners and

   Handbook.  Be warned that the catalogs and the books are a lot cheaper

   the plumbing bits, but that's racing.

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     Subject: [Fot] Cutting Aeroquip Hoses..

      My  Dad's  old  TR3 arrived via Passport Transport on Monday night.
   Each night

   after  work,  I'm  out  there  puttering  around trying to tidy up the

   compartment  a  bit. It's in great condition but I've always wanted to
   clean up

   the location of a few lines, wires, etc..

      One  of  the  things  I'd  like  to do is to replace the 17year old
   Aeroquip fuel

   lines with new stuff.

      The  braided  SS  fuel  hoses  on the car were cut to length with a

   Then,  the  prickly  ends  were  wrapped in a few loops of black tape.
   Over that

   goes a hose clamp.  When I shop around online for Aeroquip tubing and

   fittings,  all  the  ends  available seem to be THREADED fittings.  Is
   there a

   more  elegant  solution  to clamp the ends onto the SU carb fuel-input
   pipes than

   the hack saw, tape, hose clamp method?

     Anyone use rubber fuel tubing instead of the braided line?



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