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Re: [Fot] Oil cooler yes or no?

Subject: Re: [Fot] Oil cooler yes or no?
From: "TeriAnn J. Wakeman" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2016 11:57:10 -0700
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On 2/8/16 11:35 AM, wrote:
> I am also in Texas and I wouldn't run without a cooler because of the hot 
> temps in general and the added benefit of the extra oil in the system. The 
> lines that come with the kits on TR3's are very difficult to manipulate as 
> you have noticed. Some come with BSP (British Std. Pipe) fittings. Why not 
> switch out to an AN setup and use a cut to fit hose set up and route the 
> hoses over the top of the inner fender. You can get the push on hose and 
> fittings in black and it looks pretty nice even on period correct cars.
Greg Solow's Engine Room can provide a high quality oil cooler adapter 
that is superior to ones you might find through the usual suspects.  I 
suggest having custom hoses made up with angled fittings that make 
installation and removal a lot easier. When I had mine made up I decided 
which fitting angled the hoses best towards the cooler and had hoses 
made up with that fitting and one end, extra length, and no fitting at 
the other end. I connected the hoses to the oil cooler adapter, routed 
the hoses, decided which fittings would work best at the other end, 
marked where the hoses should be cut then had the shop make up the other 
end of the hoses.  Perfect fit, best routing, and easiest to install. If 
the second fitting is an angled fitting don't forget to mark the 
direction the fitting needs to fit on the hose.  Don't fool around with 
generic one size maybe kinda fits some hoses when you can have hoses 
that fit perfectly and have the optimum angle fittings.




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