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Re: [Fot] Oil cooler yes or no?

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Oil cooler yes or no?
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To some degree I think it depends on the oil pan you are using.  We have the 
deep aluminum pan with fins which holds about 9 quarts on a fill.  With this 
much heat capacity and the additional cooling from the pan I don't think an oil 
cooler would be necessary for sprint races.  For the enduros it probably would. 
 Our car came with an oil cooler and we kept it on when we totally rebuilt the 
car.  On cool days (less than 60 -65 degrees) we block off the cooler either 
partially or fully.

Tim Murphy
1961 TR4

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Subject: [Fot] Oil cooler yes or no?

Do you run an oil cooler on your racing Triumph?

Iâ??m having a tough time getting access to the hoses on the oil cooler adapter 
plate, itâ??s such a tight fit and I forgot to attach them before installing 
the engine.
Itâ??s a huge pain to take off the oil filter plate with the motor installed!

Wondering if the oil cooler is even necessary. I race in California where it is 
over 90 degrees some of the time.






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