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Re: Hello from Bonn Racing News

Subject: Re: Hello from Bonn Racing News
From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 23:49:31 -0500

  Excellent questions that may interest everyone. 

>What prompted you to create the list?

  Keith Turk and I were talking about our favorite lists (Bluebirds and
Healeys) and I mentioned that I hadn't seen a LSR list, and that there may
be some interest.  Next thing I know Keith is sending me sign-up instructions. 

>When did you start it?

  You haven't missed much.  We started it on the 8th of January.

>Who is on it?

  Hopefully, in a few days...everyone who enjoys land speed racing. :) I've
already heard some big names being dropped, and we've already reached the
Austrailian coast.
>What are your plans for the future of the list?

  It's hard enough to find information specific to LSR, and hopefully this
list will foster exchanges of information that will benefit everyone.  It'll
keep us motivated between events and monthly newsletters.

>Got any experts eager to tackle tough questions?

  Now that's where we're counting on the Bonneville Racing News, and
everyone else on the list now to help.  If we're gonna get those tough
questions answered we need a large list with a varied experience base.  The
interest sure seems to be there, we just have to get the word out.  Thanks
for your help.

Chuck Rothfuss
Pole Cat Hollow, NC

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