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Re: Hello from Bonn Racing News

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Subject: Re: Hello from Bonn Racing News
From: "Keith Turk" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 22:45:01 -0800
The Term expert is an interesting one in Land Speed Racing... My experience
is somewhat limited however I have studied applied aerodynamics on Rotary
wing aircraft for many years and have a degree From Embry Riddle
Aeronautical Univ. 

I also have access to several aerodynamic engineers and a couple of
thermodynamic  guys...

Now for computer skills ....

Keith Turk BN2, AN5, AN9, Bonneville Camero LSR ( D Gas Altered )

> From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: Hello from Bonn Racing News
> Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 8:49 PM
> Wendy, 
>   Excellent questions that may interest everyone. 
> >What prompted you to create the list?
>   Keith Turk and I were talking about our favorite lists (Bluebirds and
> Healeys) and I mentioned that I hadn't seen a LSR list, and that there
> be some interest.  Next thing I know Keith is sending me sign-up
> >When did you start it?
>   You haven't missed much.  We started it on the 8th of January.
> >Who is on it?
>   Hopefully, in a few days...everyone who enjoys land speed racing. :)
> already heard some big names being dropped, and we've already reached the
> Austrailian coast.
> >What are your plans for the future of the list?
>   It's hard enough to find information specific to LSR, and hopefully
> list will foster exchanges of information that will benefit everyone. 
> keep us motivated between events and monthly newsletters.
> >Got any experts eager to tackle tough questions?
>   Now that's where we're counting on the Bonneville Racing News, and
> everyone else on the list now to help.  If we're gonna get those tough
> questions answered we need a large list with a varied experience base. 
> interest sure seems to be there, we just have to get the word out. 
> for your help.
> Chuck Rothfuss
> Pole Cat Hollow, NC

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