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Re: motors and Rear ends..(re: chucks letter)

To: "Keith Turk" <>, <>
Subject: Re: motors and Rear ends..(re: chucks letter)
From: John Beckett <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 15:07:08 -0500

        I have run open rears, detroit lockers and spools. The spool is the only
thing for me on the Salt. If it was an easy swap I'd use a Locker at
Maxton, but you'll have a bunch of rears sitting around considering gear
changes and all. 


At 08:00 PM 1/18/99 -0800, Keith Turk wrote:
>My take on the Open Vs Limited slip/locked differential maybe different
>then reality..
>but this is my understanding  under extreme power the gears in an open rear
>end are virtually locked together... say about 175mph... this may even be
>true at say 55mph... but with the semi hard starting at Maxton I think the
>Locked rear end does you some good on the bottom end... So all of that
>having been said I am going to follow my own advice here and run a Spool at
>Maxton and an open rear end on the Salt this year... John... Comments?
>looking for a little advice here or a yea on the concept...
>Keith ( the sanding kind a guy ) 
> Ps.... Wendy.... this is going to be the first time Chris my son sees the
>salt and my first opportunity to run a car on it... I would barrow and
>enter my friends Yugo if it would get me on the salt in a Race car...
>  I'll probably check for a webiste for Diest today.  We were out
>a 4.2 liter Jag engine and trans yesterday.  On the way home with this
>excellent ice breaker sitting proudly in the back of the truck we got a
>little lost and ended up meeting an old woman who had a '62 Citron.  It's
>butt ugly that it's COOL!  Very slick bubble shape.  It's been parked for
>least 10 years, so it'll probably need loads of work.  For Eric, whos' shop
>is called "Orphan Motors" it is just one more "must have" collectable.  He
>figured if it wasn't restorable it would make a good sign platform to put
>the end of the road.  You can't miss it!  
>  We got back on track and picked up three old junk Wankel rotor housings
>from another guys shop to use in the fabrication of a rotary mailbox.  All
>the way home we kept looking at this awesome looking engine in the back of
>the truck.  It's such a shame to hide it in something like an XJ6.  We
>thought of a couple cars on the lot that it would fit in, and I kept trying
>to sell him on the shrimp boat idea, but that didn't seem to be going
>anywhere.  We finally decided on a stretched Track T Roadster.  Long hood
>over the engine with either side curtains that the exhaust and carbs can
>stick out through or with no sides at all.  Should be a fun and exciting
>  I'll ask this question to the list if you can't give me an answer from
>bible of speed trial scripture.  What is the preferred rear end set-up for
>different speed trial surfaces?  Here are my thoughts:  I have run both
>and LSD at Maxton, but have an entirely different car in the works and
>know what would be preferred.  With 300 HP and a Tilton Multi disc clutch
>(It's so pretty I hate to stick it in the bell housing!) there won't be any
>slipping the clutch off the line.  At Maxton, on good concrete, this
>probably won't be a problem with an open rear end, and I don't see the need
>for more than the open diff as I ease through the mile.  What set-up are
>most other cars running?  Now on salt, there may be more need for traction.
>I'm concerned that it may be more of a liability to run a LSD because of
>possible instability it would cause as it transfers power from wheel to
>wheel.  Welded rear ends wouldn't be "salt friendly" when cornering in the
>pit area, but would provide additional traction.  What's your experience
>with this?  
>Keith Turk 
>Austin Healey 100  /  Bugeye / Box Sprite / Bonneville Land Speed Racer
>Camero ( D Gas Altered )

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