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Re: Rules

Subject: Re: Rules
From: John Beckett <>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 12:41:24 -0400
        Correction, the GMC Truck entry set their record in E/PRO during speed
week '89 (not early 90's) brain fade. Anyway since /PRO vehicles are not in
the Modified Category does that mean they can remove bumpers?

        John Beckett

At 12:17 PM 4/7/99 -0400, John Beckett wrote:
>       I think that it's going to be inforced too, thats why I was asking. Just
>wasn't sure how to read the rules since in some cases bumpers may have been
>optional. And what about that GMC truck, Don Stringfellow driven, that set
>a record in the early 90's, it didn't have a bumper in the rear? I looked
>it over real close when it was at Bonneville.
>       John Beckett
>At 11:59 AM 4/7/99 EDT, wrote:
>>Modified Pickup 8th paragraph pg 45 98 rule book "Pickup trucks in this
>>are considered in the Modified Category, Gas Coup class and should
>>comply with all the rules of this category and class"
>>                                      Pg 43 same book "Gas Coup and Sedan"  
>>7th paragraph " The following items must be retained in stock location and
>>same year as the body:blah blah blah and bumpers. etc. etc. etc."
>>      Do I expect this to be enforced? I don't have the stock bumpers for 
>>the Studabaker Pickup I,m slowly putting together, and I'm not looking for 
>>any. I could use rear fenders and a hood for a 52 PU if you know of any.  
>>Rich Fox

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