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Re: Painful shop safety lessons (was: My Dumb Assed Question..)

To: <>
Subject: Re: Painful shop safety lessons (was: My Dumb Assed Question..)
From: "Keith Turk" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 04:43:03 -0700
you know this list archive on ignorant things we have done to ourselves in
the name of fun could get huge....

the hot ember in the ear is funny today... as is mayf's escapade... and
yours chuck.... I wonder if there is as many tech tips in us .... let me
try a tech tip and see what you folks think... Keith

> From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
> To: Keith Turk <>;
> Subject: Painful shop safety lessons (was: My Dumb Assed Question..)
> Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 7:00 PM
> Keith & list,
>   I thought Keith was gonna jump on this one with both feet. (You're
> We now have a new subject to search in the list archives.  The "Dumb
> Question" category could really get HUGE, but we really all oughto try to
> descriptive in our subject titles, so we can find items later in the
> archives.  Alright, I'll admit that I know just enough about the list
> archives to make me dangerous, so I'll shut up. 
>   How about sticking a hot, bent brazing rod in your mouth to adjust your
> grip on it.  No, wearn't me, but we sure gave the guy lots of crap about
>   Besides burning the top of my head with weld splatter while tacking my
> cage in place, the worst experience by far was when I got a sliver of
> in my eye while fitting the cage joints.  Maybe by telling about it I can
> save someone else some pain.  I had to have the sliver cut out, then had
> have the rust ring in my eye ground away.  "Don't blink" says the Doc as
> touches the tiny spinning burr to my eye!  Easier said than done.  This
> happened even with safety glasses, which I have fitted with a Croakies
> strap, so they're always handy and never get dropped or scratched up.  I
> either got a piece in my eye that fell out of my hair (not likely, with
> long hair) or rubbed the sliver into my eye from my hand.  The pain
> set in til I tried to go to sleep about 2:00 in the morning.  I got no
> that night since I couldn't close my eye without terrible pain, and it
> three trips to the hospital to get it all fixed.  
>   I'm much more aware of the metal chips that are flying around when I'm
> grinding now, and take frequent breaks to gently brush them off my
> Oh, one more little thing...I NEVER, EVER rub my eyes til I've washed my
> hands.    
> Chuck "OUCH, that hurts!" Rothfuss
> At 07:57 PM 4/7/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >yeah been there... laying on my back with a brazing rod in one hand and
> >hot torch in the other with a burning ember in my ear... OH YEAH... the
> >things we call FUN.... or the Dr digging the rust out after the metal
> >pulled from your eyeball.... 
> >
> >Brad's best advice.... buy lots of goggles and keep them anywhere you
> >have a need... they are cheap and your eyes aren't... I find that when
> >are in the way... I use them.....
> >
> >Said I was new to racing.... not being stupid... I have a bit of the
> >share of that crop....
> >
> >Keith
> >
> >----------
> >> From: Lawrence E. Mayfield <>
> >> To:
> >> Subject: Re: My Dumb Assed Question..
> >> Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 10:29 AM
> >> 
> >> Thanks to all who answered! I appreciate the help. I was torn between
a 5
> >> gallon tank which might be close to supporting to balls out runs and
> >maybe
> >> not making it or going with an 8 gallon tank. I think I will go with
> >5
> >> gallon. 
> >> 
> >> Oh, an interesting experience today. I was upside down in my race car
> >> trying to tack weld the roll cage components. I was laying on my back,
> >> sweating like a pig, my helmet crept up so I could hardly see what I
> >> doing and the foot controller for the TIG was in the abousolute worst
> >> position I could force it into. I stuck the electrode to the weld rod,
> >all
> >> the while keeping the controller going thn stuck the end of theat
> >> rod to my left side. Jeeze, I exploded from out of that car. I thought
> >> had been electrocuted! My wife near had a heart attact when I came out
> >from
> >> the car. WOW! I ain't gonna do that no mo. 
> >> 
> >> Probably don't need a pace maker, I'll just run out and suck on that
> >> welder to keep me going!
> >> 
> >> mayf
> >> 
> >> 
> >> 
> >> L.E. Mayfield
> >> 124 Maximillion Drive
> >> Madison, Al. 35758-8171
> >> 1-256-837-1051
> >> 
> >>
> >> 
> >>
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> >> 
> >> 
> >> Bonneville Land Speed Racer, '66 Hydroplane Drag Boat (390 FE)
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