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WOS questions

Subject: WOS questions
From: john robinson <>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 08:27:39 -0500
Howdy, looks like I might , repeat, just might be able to go to WOS with 
the BSA,  MPS-PG 500ccbike #457, IF, I can finish assembling the bike and 
IF it runs......So, what is the entry fee? if I run my bike in two classes, 
what is the fee for the second class? Any chance of getting a room in 
Wendover this late?

           John Robinson, Mechanician
   Mechanical Engineering University of Wisconsin
                 1513 University Ave.
                  Madison, Wi. 53706
            Current World Land Speed Record Holder
                  Bonneville Salt Flats
           H/GCC 92 1980 Dodge Colt
                  144.396 MPH set 2000
       MPS-PG 441 c.c. 1967 BSA Victor Motorcycle
                     95.193 MPH set 2001
                 Antarctic Ice Driller Oct02-Jan03

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