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Re-post; Unknown Speedweek Car on Picture Post

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Subject: Re-post; Unknown Speedweek Car on Picture Post
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I'm guessing the Mcgee Oil drilling Special out of Midland, TX, probably
owned by Denny Larsen with Ray Brown listed as a contributor, is a late
1950's car or early 1960's car from the looks of the wheels and the body.
Larsen raced the "Streetliner" at the salt in 1954 turning 183 mph on gas.
In those days you could drive your race car into Wendover, hence the name.
If Ray Brown built the engine it's probably a Chrysler. That car ran a
Sorrell body ... so this car could be a Sorrell as well.  The body looks
somewhat like a Lister Jag as has been guessed but the front fenders are a
bit tall for a Lister if I remember correctly.  The number is very possibly
a Bonneville event number. If someone has some programs from that era the
number should be possible to trace.  The car hasn't run at World of Speed so
I'll have to defer to the SCTA/BNI folks for their expertise.

Ray Brown was a Bonneville contributor both as a racer and as the Chrysler
engine builder for the Shadoff Special streamliner.  He was also the co
entrant on the Mal Hooper-Ray Brown belly tank lakester that set records in
1952.  Dean Bachelor identifies him also as a senior VP, director of sales
and marketing for Superior Industries, the largest manufacturer of alloy
wheels in the world.  I'm guessing the wheels on the car in question are by

The car is pristine so it probably is owned by a collector who had it on the
salt as a tribute to it's racing heritage.  It looks too clean to be a
current competition car ... possibly a recent restoration?  There's no roll
bar, the tires have not been very far on the salt and it just looks too
clean to be a current campaigner.

That can't end the speculation but it may steer some folks into the best
tracks for finding a good answer.


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