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Re: Speedweek 2003

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Subject: Re: Speedweek 2003
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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 06:22:53 -0500
Chris... again it's always great to see you and the family.... first time I
had a real chance to hang out with Lincoln for a bit.... we were searching
for something... anyway... he's a Very nice young man... you have done a
wonderful job raising him...

I knew you were running strong from the excitement in his voice....  he was
really pumped up for the whole event.... just great to see young folks
enjoying the sport as much as he was...

You are an inspiration to all of us....  Thank you for making the effort to
come this far to race...

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Subject: Speedweek 2003

> Hi List,
> Well finally home to NZed. Speedweek was both good and bad for us. First
> my son Linc decided to run the short course on the Saturday to feel the
> out once again. No problems 211 in the quarter and 217 in the mile. Easily
> bettered our long course best of 208 in 2001.
> Sunday onto the long course and 230 on a 226 record and into impound only
> find a cylinder with total leakdown. It seems a valve spring went south
> the valve opened a piston up through the eyebrow. Not having a spare we
> disconnected the EFI injector wire and ran the return run on 7 cylinders.
> 212 but the runs average was 221 when we needed 226 so that was us done
> 2003.
> Yep, next time I'll make sure we've got spares of pistons and valves,
> learned.
> Great to catch up with Keith, Tom, Joe, the Amo boys and especially Doug
> made the long haul once again from the Big Apple in the
> 'A' as well as everyone else who dropped by our pit. Like big Arnie says "
> BE BACK " as will the rest of Harris Family Racing and our great crew.
> Check out my crews website for full details and pics:
> Congratulations to all on the list who broke records, well done guys.
> Chris Harris..................................NZed.
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