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RE: Tool Box Protection

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Subject: RE: Tool Box Protection
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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 07:28:10 -0500
been planning on trying an ol'-timey drugstore, but haven't been past one
lately.  It's not available at Walgreens.

I remember the paper wrap that the military used.  Nice to be informed how
it worked.

(They coated stuff w/ cosmoline, too-- but you had to clean it off when you
were ready to put it in service.  Would be really yukky on tools, I think.)
Russ, #1226B

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Back when I learned about that trick, they were available at any corner
drugstore. You might check with a pharmacist that's over 50 years old......
He might remember what it was and where to get it :)

The military used a paper wrapping that did the same thing, it was called
VPI-- Vapor Phase Inhibitor. Maybe a websearch on camphor or VPI might turn
up a mail-order source.

Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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