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Re: Rust fighting

To: Phillip Landry <>
Subject: Re: Rust fighting
From: Ed Van Scoy <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 21:59:24 -0700
Heck, I've never brought an engine back alive from
Bonneville........... Seriously, I have stored engines by
spraying marine fogging oil (any boat store) or WD 40 into the
carb until it "drowns". Don't know if it ever really did any
good, but I'm sure it didn't hurt it. As for headers, I give
the a good long shot of any good rust preventer (with the
engine off of course) 

>the reason I had thought about using this was not for my tool
box at all, 
>what I was thinking of doing was putting something like this
paper or the 
>camphor in the intake scope and exhaust header outlets of my
motor and then 
>seal them up. I don't plan on running the motor for a while
and may not take 
>it apart for a while also. What do you guys think? Phil

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