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Re: World's Fastest Sunbeam Wannabie Web Site Update

To: DrMayf <>
Subject: Re: World's Fastest Sunbeam Wannabie Web Site Update
From: Tom Shannon <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 19:46:10 -0600
Quoting DrMayf <>:

> I have been promising an update for some time and now it is done. I have
> used a different, for me, method of showing the pictures. The old way
> was
> one page per pix but that makes for lots of pages. Now I used a method
> where
> I put categories of photos on a single page and fixed it so you can jump
> around. Tell me which is better. This method does require some small
> amount
> of time for each page to load, but, heck most of ya'll have DSL or cable
> broadband anyway...not me ;^{. Love to hear from you all, both good and
> bad.
> Enjoy the update!
>    gets you to the front door
>   gets you to the World's
> Fastest Sunbeam wannabie page directly
>  connects you directly
> with
> the updates.
> Hopefully everyting works.
> Mayf:
After seeing your sunbeam pics at Keiths Speedweek pit, your web update 
doesn't surprise me!You are one thorough and a (think it through)guy. 
Fabulous website Mayf. Gotta admire a race car builder who has nothing to 
hide and shares with the world!Thanks Mayf. 

Tom Shannon
Magna, Utah

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