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Re: World's Fastest Sunbeam Wannabie Web Site Update

To: "Tom Shannon" <>
Subject: Re: World's Fastest Sunbeam Wannabie Web Site Update
From: "DrMayf" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 20:03:53 -0700
Tom, thanks for the kind words. Thoroughness was the watchword in the last
business venture I was in before I retired from Ma Boeing. As to sharing, I
am selfish in this regards. I am a noob: if I share some one may keep me
from making a huge mistake. Then on the other hand maybe they'll let me fall
on my face for chuckles...either way, tis fun for me. Information is
worthless unless it is shared and that hs generally been my way of life for
a long long time. Not too many secrets unless they deal with National
Security issues.

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Subject: Re: World's Fastest Sunbeam Wannabie Web Site Update

> Quoting DrMayf <>:
> > I have been promising an update for some time and now it is done. I have
> > used a different, for me, method of showing the pictures. The old way
> > was
> > one page per pix but that makes for lots of pages. Now I used a method
> > where
> > I put categories of photos on a single page and fixed it so you can jump
> > around. Tell me which is better. This method does require some small
> > amount
> > of time for each page to load, but, heck most of ya'll have DSL or cable
> > broadband anyway...not me ;^{. Love to hear from you all, both good and
> > bad.
> > Enjoy the update!
> >
> >    gets you to the front door
> >
> >   gets you to the World's
> > Fastest Sunbeam wannabie page directly
> >
> >  connects you directly
> > with
> > the updates.
> >
> > Hopefully everyting works.
> >
> > Mayf:
> After seeing your sunbeam pics at Keiths Speedweek pit, your web update
> doesn't surprise me!You are one thorough and a (think it through)guy.
> Fabulous website Mayf. Gotta admire a race car builder who has nothing to
> hide and shares with the world!Thanks Mayf.
> >
> >
> Tom Shannon
> Magna, Utah

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