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Re: car 988 @ 313 mph video (second try)

To: "Bryan Savage" <>
Subject: Re: car 988 @ 313 mph video (second try)
From: "Rick Yacoucci" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 20:23:47 -0700
> That was more awesome than I expected Rick!!!
> Thanks a bunch for taking the time to put it up on your site,

Your welcome I'm glad you enjoyed it

> Now when are you going to put the BIG motor in and run it??

When we are sure the drivetrain will cope it will go in
then we have the BIG BIG motor ( just over 1500cc ) for the 2 litre class

> Just kidding -- thanks again Rick,
> Bryan          (let's see.. add a few feet to make room for two 600+ HP
> motors.....)

When we do that well make the driver's compartment a little bigger and put
you in it !!!! :-)

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