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Re: car 988 @ 313 mph video (second try)

Subject: Re: car 988 @ 313 mph video (second try)
From: "Rick Yacoucci" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 20:15:37 -0700
> Jon, Bill, Rick:
> I agree-- AWESOME.
> I agree-- looks like right hand could be reaching for chute release just
> after the five (similar motion between the six and the seven, and again
> just before the stop).

That's funny the chute release is on the left side

> Some points:
> 1.  Looked tail-waggy at start.  (To me, salt seemed pretty slippery, on my
> bike.)  Neb II overpowering the track in 1st, I suspect.

Yea the push truck was pushing the back end all over the place
I will post some of the earlyer run's and can see the back end REALLY
moving around. One time I thought he was going to spin me ......he he
( the first mile or so were slippery and very bumpy )

> 2.  Sounded like the shift into 6th was just before the four.  That puppy
> must be geared pretty TALL.

It was geared for 335 but with the first mile or so being so slippery
and bumpy I couldn't get on the throttle hard until right before the 2
mile as you can tell by the less than steller 2 1/4 speeds.  It was
still accelerating till I shut it down at the 5 ....... need more room
or some better 2 /14 speeds

> 3.  Engine sounded really sweet (to someone who likes high revs, anyway)

I know I love the sound of 11000 rpm

> 4.  Nice driving job-- especially balancing the winddrift at the big end,
> and getting the car stopped (w/o 'chute!)

Thanks but the car kinda drove itself... Thanks to Jack Costella for
building such a fantastic car

> 5.  Nice filming.  If I ever want to make lsr videos, I'll be asking for
> advice on equipment and setup!


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