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Re: Media on the starting line

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Subject: Re: Media on the starting line
From: "Keith Turk" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 05:04:45 -0500
Just stuff.... part of the whole event... and personally I enjoy seeing your
semi smiling face Louise... lets me know I'm at Bonneville... Just another
part of the magic...

Speaking of the Starting line.... it made me remember that first year with
one of the volunteers.... on the short course line.... his name is Pat...
drives a truck...  anyway I was standing there talking to Pat...  and I kept
asking him over and over again.... if he knew where we were standing...

Pat was there again this year .. ran into him as we got to impound.... of
course I had to ask him if he knew where we were standing....

Keith ( Sitting here with a wonderful smile... damn life is good )
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Subject: Media on the starting line

> As happy as I am for Nancy and Jon, part of his post made me wrinkle my
> in genuine concern for safety.

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