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Re: Fuel lines

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Subject: Re: Fuel lines
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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 15:44:48 -0700
Tough choice. I use to make fuel lines(stainless steel ) for drag race cars.
I like them because I was in Aerospace Hydraulics and had a lot of
experience fabbing them. They have good and bad points as I made two of
everything for my car to have a spare set along. Also had a set of hoses
(AN) as well. Like you I don't like hoses and clamps. The hard part is in
some cases special fittings to adapt to the injector body, etc. have to be
made. This is up to you in the end but I would look at what everyone else is
running and go from there.
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Subject: Fuel lines

> Hi all,
> I'm debating on whether to run black fuel hose or stainless lines.
> please ... (duck!).
> Here's the setup:
> 500cc twin, EFI with oversized fuel pump ... fuel pressure regulator at
> 40psi. Turbo coming in future. AG or MG, PS or non-str.
> Hose Pros:
> Easy to route
> Cheap
> Easy to carry spare hose and clamps (most pits have spares)
> Hose Cons:
> Must cover with aeroquip sleeve per rules ... can be a pain
> Hose clamps are a weak link, and can pop off if careless (see: fire in the
> pits)
> Not sure if alt. fuels can be run in same lines
> Tubing pros:
> Fire proof
> Puncture resistant (more durable than hose)
> Looks nicer (especially if spray painted to match bike :^)
> Tubing cons:
> Requires careful measuring for bending and cutting
> Requires some skills to bend (and a tubing bender)
> Requires compression or flare fittings (may need to buy flare tool set)
> More expensive than hose
> Must stock spare fittings and carry more tools in tool box
> A crimp can ruin your whole day
> Still might need some hose clamps to terminate at f/p or fuel rail inlet
> Dana

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