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Fuel lines

To: "Land Speed" <>
Subject: Fuel lines
From: "Dana" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 15:23:34 -0700
Hi all,

I'm debating on whether to run black fuel hose or stainless lines. Opinions
please ... (duck!).

Here's the setup:
500cc twin, EFI with oversized fuel pump ... fuel pressure regulator at
40psi. Turbo coming in future. AG or MG, PS or non-str.

Hose Pros:
Easy to route
Easy to carry spare hose and clamps (most pits have spares)

Hose Cons:
Must cover with aeroquip sleeve per rules ... can be a pain
Hose clamps are a weak link, and can pop off if careless (see: fire in the
Not sure if alt. fuels can be run in same lines

Tubing pros:
Fire proof
Puncture resistant (more durable than hose)
Looks nicer (especially if spray painted to match bike :^)

Tubing cons:
Requires careful measuring for bending and cutting
Requires some skills to bend (and a tubing bender)
Requires compression or flare fittings (may need to buy flare tool set)
More expensive than hose
Must stock spare fittings and carry more tools in tool box
A crimp can ruin your whole day
Still might need some hose clamps to terminate at f/p or fuel rail inlet


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