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Subject: Re: Tires
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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 16:17:15 -0700
I didn't realize the list needed to know everything the racers are doing or
had to be informed.  I walk up and down the starting line at  meets and
look.  I also look at cars in the pits. The Davidson car has been using them
for the last 4 years at Bonneville and El Mirage. I don't know if Dave even
has a computer or is on line. The reason I responded was Rich  Fox asked
about them.  I know of 5 or 6 roadsters with them and none of them ever came
up to me and asked where I got mine.  Others who have, asked I'll gladly
share the info I have......Good Luck  J.D. Tone

 These are the tires
>  I'm talking about. It seems some have been running them close to 240 mph
>  not telling the rest about it.   >>
> Thanks Rich and James I found the site by going to the address you have

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