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RE: Estate or Station Wagon or ...

To: Malcolm Pittwood <>,
Subject: RE: Estate or Station Wagon or ...
From: Jim Webb <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 19:40:37 -0500

Now I understand... Chevrolet sold a 'station wagon' called the Kingswood
Estate. I owned one of these magnificent cars. It had a big block and would
haul anything - the entire estate I guess! And it always got the same
mileage - 9. It didn't matter if you ran it fully loaded with camping gear
and people at 75mph, or empty 'round town. Since the car was lees than
pretty on the outside, sorta a rust color, and huge, it got a lot of respect
from the econo-boxes on the road. It was affectionately called "The

I always wondered where the Estate came from. Now I know.

What an education we get on this list!

Jim Webb

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Seems like Volvo was advertising something about one of their turbo wagons a
few years ago.  Don't know if it was the fastest, but I know they were
claiming that it would really haul #&$%.
Dick J in East Texas

Malcolm Pittwood <> wrote:

Now that I think we understand the item we are talking about, who does own
the fastest vehicle of the type?

Malcolm Pittwood, Derby, England.

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