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Re: Estate or Station Wagon or ...

To: Dick J <>
Subject: Re: Estate or Station Wagon or ...
From: Ed Van Scoy <>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 19:44:51 -0700
I used to race against them in the Silver State Classic road
races. We were all in the 155 mph avg. class. One was driven
by the VP of Volvo, North America. They also had both of them
at Muroc in 1996, but I didn't see them run so don't know how
they did. They were pretty fast on the top-end for grocery

>Seems like Volvo was advertising something about one of their
turbo wagons a few years ago.  Don't know if it was the
fastest, but I know they were claiming that it would really
haul #&$%.
>Dick J in East Texas
>Malcolm Pittwood <> wrote:
>Now that I think we understand the item we are talking about,
who does own
>the fastest vehicle of the type?
>Malcolm Pittwood, Derby, England.

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