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Re: Total Loss or Alternator

To: Richard Fox <>
Subject: Re: Total Loss or Alternator
From: Joe Amo <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 16:59:51 -0600
all right then I figured it out,  all you guys running total loss
voltage systems should be BANNED,  because it is obviously
a form of TRACTION CONTROL,  as all the potential power is not
being applied most of the way down the salt,  as the aero wall is pushed 
wheel slip is greatest you guys are pulling power out of it with the 
disguise of
a alternator less system,  very clever,  did Jack think this one up, 
poor mans
traction control,  next thing you know they will be talking about someone
with a loose distributor pulling timing out of it as traction becomes a 
or some variable waste gate pulling boost out as wheels slip, or a nitrous
system that pulls power out on the big end under the guise of supposed
falling bottle pressure and richer mixer to ease wheel slip

besides, Russ, how many qualifying laps (you know 2-5 miles runs like 
Bonn) do you suppose those
guys run without the handicap of an alternator?

Joe [:)]

Russel Mack wrote:

Dave, Dave...
this is unlike you-- you have purposely biased your arguement toward
ENDURANCE racing (where they would need to haul a trailer full of
AMA (some)
When I raced MC Flattrack (AMA Novice), for example, NOBODY used a charging
system.  There were the magneto guys, and the total-loss battery guys.
Russ, #1226B

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Subject: Re: Total Loss or Alternator

Here are some race venues and sanctioning bodies see if you can find the 
that does not use an alternator..
Indy car
Winston cup
Pro rally
Off road trucks.. Walker Evan and all those guys..

Daytona 500 and others like it
24 hrs Daytona
24 hrs Le Mans
12 hrs sebring
indy 500
any Grand prix race you pick..
any Cart race you pick again..

Richard Fox wrote:

>I believe we may be talking about two very different combinations here. The
>Hilborn injected, Vertex Mag motor and the EFI, modern crank trigger, multi
>coil ignition. The needs of one are not simular to the other.  Rich Fox

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