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Re: Total Loss or Alternator

To: Russel Mack <>
Subject: Re: Total Loss or Alternator
From: Joe Amo <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 16:04:53 -0600
Russ, lame defense,  these 1/4 mile guys are STRUGGLING
to have enough voltage/amps with modern day electronics,
solenoids etc,  and after seeing what I saw on a dyno with
differences in voltage with efi there is no question that running
an alternator makes the most sense, and PLENTY of battery
to boot,  everyone will find there needs, 
 carburetor/points/magneto=total loss if you want to take a chance

for everything else there is mastercard, I mean alternator

Joe :)

Russel Mack wrote:

>Dave, Dave...
>this is unlike you-- you have purposely biased your arguement toward
>ENDURANCE racing (where they would need to haul a trailer full of
>AMA (some)
>When I raced MC Flattrack (AMA Novice), for example, NOBODY used a charging
>system.  There were the magneto guys, and the total-loss battery guys.
>Russ, #1226B
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>Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 4:10 AM
>To: Benn
>Subject: Re: Total Loss or Alternator
>Here are some race venues and sanctioning bodies see if you can find the one
>that does not use an alternator..
>Indy car
>Winston cup
>Pro rally
>Off road trucks.. Walker Evan and all those guys..
>Daytona 500 and others like it
>24 hrs Daytona
>24 hrs Le Mans
>12 hrs sebring
>indy 500
>any Grand prix race you pick..
>any Cart race you pick again..
>The list is endless they all run an alternator and failures are very rare.
>have to do a better job of installing it, use high quality belts, pulleys
>brackets and have no failures. The most common failure is to use passenger
>pulleys and belts along with the drive ratios that are suitable for low rpm
>in a street car but not a race car. Most street cars run the alternator very
>fast compared to the crankshaft because the engine spends most of it's life
>below 4000 rpm. If you run the same parts on a race car they will fail
>eventually because the drive speed is too high. After market pulleys are
>made to
>reduce the speeds to a realistic level and then the system is just as
>as those found on new cars. Do you worry about flipping a belt or an
>failure every time you start your street car? I sure don't..

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