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Re: Off we go again!

To: "Jon Wennerberg" <>,
Subject: Re: Off we go again!
From: Sparky <>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 13:42:07 -0500
Way to go you guys--wish I was joining you two---wmts--

PS getting home and having to catch up on the emails is thw way I decompress 
after long days behind the wheel--  a great transition
> From: "Jon Wennerberg" <>
> Date: 2003/09/13 Sat AM 11:05:21 CDT
> To: "Land Speed List" <>
> Subject: Off we go again!
> Nancy and I plan to leave first thing tomorrow for Maxton for the meet at
> the end of September.  We'll go there by way of Wendover where we'll flog
> the ZX12R at World of Speed next weekend.  We'll likely be home by 30
> September suppertime, 6,500 miles from now.
> I'm unsubscribing from the list for the duration (so I don't have 287 nasty
> comments about Kieth's firesuit when I get back) so don't say anything bad
> about us.
> We're also using the interim to switch to an Apple computer -- maybe it'll
> be more resistant to the bugs and viruses and hackers that like Windows so
> much.
> See you on the Salt, or on the Monster Mile, or somewhere up and down the
> interstates.
>      Jon and Nancy Wennerberg
> Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing
> #436   Marquette, Michigan   #1478
>       (that's way up North)
> ***    ***

Lakester 2211

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