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Hurricanes & Fires &Tyres

To: LSR List <>
Subject: Hurricanes & Fires &Tyres
From: Malcolm Pittwood <>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 16:08:51 -0400

Has everyone on the East Coast come through the recent Hurricane safely? 
The pictures shown on British TV suggested that it abated from its '5'
classification just before it reached the land but was still powerful and
300 miles wide.  If you have power and internet connection do let us know
youre conditions.  Not that we can do much from this side of the pond but
our thoughts are with you East Coasters and your families and friends.

The fire at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham has affected
some of the LSR bikes, but not all - the '55 Johnny Allen Triumph
Streamliner has been lost.  The inspection is underway to see if some of
the other bikes can be repaired and so not all of the 600 are total losses.
 The jet & rocket bikes have survived, as they were located in unaffected
areas thanks to the fire service response.  Fire was caused by a discarded
cigarette butt setting fire to material in the roof space so spread occured
before discovery.

If you buy a good British make of tyre (spelt with a y) in Dunlop you will
have to accept that the spelling is English (United Kingdom) rather than
English (United States).  Now if you had been buying Hoosier .......... it
would have been an 'i' (LOL).  Did you know Dunlop hold the Outright South
African Land Speed Record with an American built car? -

Malcolm Pittwood, Derby, England

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