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Re: Hurricanes & Fires &Tyres

Subject: Re: Hurricanes & Fires &Tyres
From: John Goodman <>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 19:10:15 -0700 (PDT)
"Now if you had been buying Hoosier
would have been an 'i' (LOL)."

Malcolm, if you buy a Hoosier, it would be spelled
"tar" just like Mayf said.

--- Malcolm Pittwood <> wrote:
> List
> Has everyone on the East Coast come through the
> recent Hurricane safely? 
> The pictures shown on British TV suggested that it
> abated from its '5'
> classification just before it reached the land but
> was still powerful and
> 300 miles wide.  If you have power and internet
> connection do let us know
> youre conditions.  Not that we can do much from this
> side of the pond but
> our thoughts are with you East Coasters and your
> families and friends.
> The fire at the National Motorcycle Museum near
> Birmingham has affected
> some of the LSR bikes, but not all - the '55 Johnny
> Allen Triumph
> Streamliner has been lost.  The inspection is
> underway to see if some of
> the other bikes can be repaired and so not all of
> the 600 are total losses.
>  The jet & rocket bikes have survived, as they were
> located in unaffected
> areas thanks to the fire service response.  Fire was
> caused by a discarded
> cigarette butt setting fire to material in the roof
> space so spread occured
> before discovery.
> If you buy a good British make of tyre (spelt with a
> y) in Dunlop you will
> have to accept that the spelling is English (United
> Kingdom) rather than
> English (United States).  Now if you had been buying
> Hoosier .......... it
> would have been an 'i' (LOL).  Did you know Dunlop
> hold the Outright South
> African Land Speed Record with an American built
> car? -
> Malcolm Pittwood, Derby, England

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